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9000/5300 3-in-1 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


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Quick Overview

Impecca’s 3 in 1 Portable AC’s are the Consumers choice for quality cooling and versatility. These Portable AC's feature "cool functions" to get your room perfectly comfortable, choose from multiple options via it's Remote Control. Now you can Cool, Fan, or Dehumidify your space without getting off the comfort of your couch!

*Available in 3 sizes, # IPAC05-D2 - 9,000 BTU, # IPAC07-D2 - 10,000 BTU, # IPAC08-K2 - 14,000 BTU


Impecca's Portable AC's are the perfect solution for small apartments, offices, and dorm rooms. These mobile units are easy to use, no permanent installation required. Includes a range of cooling capacities plus, energy-saving features, programmable timers and sleep modes. Enjoy refreshingly cool air without worrying about high energy bills. Choose from a variety of options & models to best suit your space. See why consumers choose Impecca Portable Air Conditioners and don't let the heat get you down this summer .

Key Features:
  • Electronic/Digital Control - Easily regulate Mode and temperature settings on AC unit as desired
  • Auto Restart - Restores AC to previous settings in case of power outage
  • Large Castors - Enables easy maneuverability from room to room
  • 2 Cooling & 2 Fan Speeds - Reduce noise level and save money with lowered cooling and fan settings
  • 2-Way Air Direction - Direct the air flow up / down
  • Washable Filter - Enables easy maintenance for the unit
  • Remote Control With Display - Adjust and control settings at a glance
  • Sleep Mode - Allows the room temperature to slightly increase for energy efficient operation
  • Whisper Quiet Operation - Enjoy comfortable noise levels with our preferred units’ whisper quiet operation
  • Programmable 24 Hour Delay - Save energy by running your AC only when you need it
  • 6.5 CEER
  • 760 Watts/6.61 Amps
Key Features:
  • Covers up to 250 Sq. Ft.
  • Electronic/Digital Control
  • Auto Restart
  • Large Castors
  • 2 Cooling & 2 Fan Speeds
  • 2-Way Air Direction
  • Washable Filter
  • Remote Control With Display
  • Sleep Mode
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Programmable 24 Hour Delay
  • 6.5 CEER
  • 760 Watts/6.61 Amps